Lone Fang: or Why Some People’s Pets are not Ode-worthy

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By Rachel Artenian

This tale of woe I must relate
To save an innocent from my fate
Concerning a cat that is totally ruthless,
Penny the cat, who is practically toothless

While relaxing one evening by the pool
Like an unknowing gullible fool,
Sipping wine, my death knell rang
As out of the night I spied a fang
Lunging at my tender throat!
I fought her off with my coat

Evil eyes, toothless grin
Lone tooth bared, she scraped my chin
Off she went into the night
Everyone snickering at my fright

A green-eyed lone-fanged imp from hell
Deserves no odes upon which to dwell
And that is why no poem is written
To celebrate Connie’s evil kitten.

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  • September 3, 2015