Who We Are

VidLit® is here to further the art of storytelling — to bring literary, visual and audio artists together to create powerful new media.VidLit® encourages authors to think beyond the word — to widen their audiences by employing communications tools more often used for the dissemination of cold facts, endless figures and junk food for the mind.  Because finding and connecting with your readers is as important as your writing.

LIZ DUBELMAN is the founder and CEO of VidLit Productions, LLC, the world-renowned book marketing and content-creating company. VidLit is best known in the publishing world for its success with the book Yiddish With Dick and Jane, the sales of which more than doubled thanks to the online promotion. VidLit has conceived and executed 200 marketing and promotion campaigns. VidLit’s children’s site can be found at www.kidvidlit.com and showcases a variety of children’s online programming.

From 2011 – 2013 Ms. Dubelman was VP, Production for JibJab Media, the 13-year-old pioneering digital entertainment company that specializes in personalized social expression and has provided laughs to 100 million users worldwide.

Ms. Dubelman co-edited and contributed to What Was I Thinking? 58 Bad Boyfriend Stories [St. Martin’s Press, 2009], based on the VidLit series of the same name. She is also a magazine writer of both fiction and nonfiction. Well over a million people have viewed her short story “Craziest” on the Web.

Ms. Dubelman’s 20-year digital career includes creating and producing original programming for MSN and American Cybercast. She served as Creative Director of News Corp./MCI, and has been a consultant to all of the major studios in the area of digital rights and Internet content. She also served as President of Cherry Lane Digital, the consulting arm of the famous music publisher.

Her pre-digital career included ten years in film production. Her television work won her two Emmys – one as a producer and one as a director. She was the first woman member of the labor negotiating committee of I.A.T.S.E., New York local 644 (cinematographers), and is an establishing member of Women in New Technology.

Ms. Dubelman’s skills include a vast knowledge of social networking, Internet technologies, film, video and animation production, podcasting, iPad production, music production, marketing, promotion and story-telling.

A graduate of Hampshire College, Ms. Dubelman, in addition to being a published author, is an entrepreneur and a sometime radio personality. She lives in Santa Monica with her husband, Paul Slansky, and their daughter. She can be contacted at