Social Networking

Social networking is important.  Whether you’ve never published a book before or you’re working on your twentieth, actively connecting with your fans through social networks is integral to the success of your work.  We want to help you figure out how best to publicize yourself and your writing through the multitude of online social networks available today.

Different types of writing and publishing formats benefit from different social networking strategies, so keep in mind that while there are guidelines for the do’s and don’ts of social media, there are always exceptions to the rules.

On TheWriteKit, you’ll find in-depth information about all aspects of social media management, as well as examples of each that exist out in the world.  Below you’ll find a quick-reference chart for social networks (keep in mind this chart is not specific to writing) that acts as a good reference while forming a social media plan.

To social network successfully means connecting yourself just as well as you connect with your fans.  Your social networks should be completely interconnected, making it easy for people to find all of your content.  People should be able to find your Facebook page from Twitter, your website URL from your YouTube page (or any video you’ve uploaded to YouTube, for that matter), etc.

Before checking out the individual social network pages on this site, we recommend reading this article for an extensive introduction to the use of social media for writers:  The Ultimate Social Media Guide for Writers.