Interviews 101

Your Interview

Interviews are an important part of marketing. Here are the main things to keep in mind:

• What is the angle of the interview?

• Is there a local or pertinent slant? For example: You are being interviewed for a women’s website. How is your subject important to women?

• Will the reporter be interviewing anyone else for the same story? Who and why?

• How much time will you have for the interview? It’s important to get in your major or most fascinating points in the time allotted.

• What is the date the story will air? Can you tie your slant into a holiday or the date aired?


Tip 1: Do your homework.  Know who’s interviewing you. That’s what Google is for!

Tip 2: Have five main topics or stories at the ready.

Tip 3: Ask for the list of questions in advance.  They want you to be prepared, too.

Tip 4: Create sound bites and practice them.

Tip 5: Don’t wear small patterns on television.

Tip 6: Have visuals or graphic elements like video clips, photos, and charts ready in case they ask.

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