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VidLit Productions, LLC has been marketing books and authors since 2004. We offer a full range of marketing services for authors and publishers. Our client list includes David Foster Wallace, Carrie Fisher, Nicholas Sparks, Julie Powell, David Sloan Wilson, Stuart Taylor Jr, and many others.

Our services include:

Artist Management & Guidance • Website Design • Public Relations Campaigns • Marketing Automation • Influencer Engagement • Media Relations • Social Media Strategy • E-mail Marketing • Media Kit Development • Professional Editing • Copy Editing • Artist Development • Event Consultation & Coordination • Written Collaterals • Book Design • Video and Audio Content and, of course, making VidLits®.

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  • I've been published and paid!

    I’m so happy to say, magazines still pay writers. The Rush has published my new story, PANIC. Please support them. LIZ DUBELMAN

  • Why The Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop

    By Liz Dubelman Annually, I torture myself by reading A Room of One’s Own, which essentially posits: In order to create, one needs a room of one’s own and 500 British pounds. If you don’t have those, stick to short bursts like poetry or Internet posts. I have never had those, but I persist. I am […]

  • Finding Success as an Online Writer

    I knew I wanted to be a writer when I was pretty young. I won my first writing contest when I was in elementary school. From what I recall, it was some kind of short story about Mars and water? As time went on, that dream only became more vivid. I never wanted to be anything else. […]

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  • VidLit Link Roundup 2/11/2016

      A Valentine’s Day Reading List 25 Excellent Novels About Americans Abroad Can a Passion for Literature be Taught in High School? A Review of David Denby’s ‘Lit Up’ If Jane Austen Got Writing Feedback From Some Guy In A Writing Workshop Elena Ferrante’s ‘Neapolitan Novels’ to Get TV Adaptation  

  • The Over-Privileged English Teacher

    By Laura Cella My husband Jamie’s job as the CEO of a movie studio came with quite a few social, business, and political obligations. While these events were always glamorous, they were usually not a lot of fun. Well, not a lot of fun for me. Jamie networked and schmoozed and worked the room all […]

  • Precious counselor

    by Adam Greenberg On my sixteenth birthday, I received a most curious, wonderful gift from my neighbor, Adriano. He gave me guardianship of a wise, wish-granting counselor. The counselor was only 36” tall and immeasurably handsome, with glowing features, blonde hair rolling across his forehead as if without a care in the world, and a […]