Using ProWritingAid For Editing Your Manuscript

We all want to make our writing the best it can be, and in this video, I demonstrate how you can use ProWritingAid to improve your manuscript before working with a human editor.

Watch below or here on YouTube.

Time stamps

00:27 — Why use an editing tool anyway?
01:22 — How I use Scrivener with ProWritingAid and go through chapter by chapter
01:42 — Demo starts. Fixing typos, spacing issues and rephrases
03:01 — Fixing passive writing
03:47 — Fixing overwriting and tightening the manuscript
04:09 — Rephrasing
05:22 — Using Sparks to find new ideas and different directions
08:38 — Using the Reports to find issues and improve
09:06 — Changing the genre to get better reports
09:36 — Finding help with understanding different elements
10:26 — Sentence length and variability
10:44 — Pacing
11:09 — Critique report including strengths and improvements
12:18 — Clichés
13:06 — Save everything
13:30 — I export from Scrivener to MS Word, Then I send the manuscript to my human editor, Kristen Tate.

You can find more information at or you can use my affiliate link for 10% off at

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Happy writing, and happy editing!

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Author: Joanna Penn

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  • May 19, 2024