Matt Belford of the Tobias Literary Agency

Go reread a book. Not as an exercise to see what works, but as a way to get back into reading. Rereading eliminates the ambiguity of whether you’re going to love it or not—you already do! Think of it as reconnecting with an old friend.

As a person who reads for a living, let me tell you it has been HARD to read books in the last twelve months, especially if you end up not loving that new book you just cracked open. We’ve all been there: You grab the book for which you splurged on next-day shipping, along with your favorite tea. You find that perfect reading spot nestled in that one corner of the couch. Then you open the book and…it’s just boring. I’m telling you it is okay to put that book down. Go grab a book you loved from two years ago.

Rereading is an opportunity to get yourself back into reading without the pressure of not knowing what’s coming next. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find some new details you didn’t catch the first time around!

Matt Belford of the Tobias Literary Agency

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Author: squong

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  • May 11, 2021