Limited Time Deal: 10 Books On Writing Craft And Business

These 10 fantastic ebooks for authors are on sale right now for 99c / 99p each for a very limited time. (4 days left so check them out before 4 June 2021!)

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Structuring Your Novel by KM Weiland explores the X-Factor behind satisfying novels: a solid story structure. It will show you how to successfully implement your story vision in a way readers find appealing, teach you how to avoid the dreaded saggy middle, and empower you to turn your structural weaknesses into reader-pleasing strengths.

If you write crime, mystery, thriller, or suspense, grabbing a guide to the genre by Cheryl Bradshaw should be a no-brainer, but there’s plenty here to interest authors working in all genres. Mastering Your Mystery doesn’t just engage in crafty concerns like how to write the perfect murder, how to breathe life into your protagonist, or how to create a compelling villain, but also delves into the publishing and marketing side as well. A soup-to-nuts guide to reaching readers and wowing them with your story.

Amazon Decoded by David Gaughran uncovers the secrets of the world’s biggest bookstore, breaking down its mysterious and influential algorithms, and explaining the ways it recommends millions of books to readers every day. Not only that, but it runs through detailed marketing plans so you can seduce those algorithms and get Amazon selling your book for you.

Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi are back with another of their incredibly popular craft guides. This time they tackle the fascinating and overlooked topic of emotional trauma. It’s one of the most formative experiences in anyone’s life, and so it should be with your characters too – if you want them to feel real. The Emotional Wound Thesaurus will show you how to inject some magic into your characterization and leave readers begging for more.

Newly updated for 2021, Robert J. Ryan’s Amazon Ads Unleashed is the leading guide to cracking Amazon’s ad platform. Clear, concise, and no-nonsense, this guide cuts through all the hand-waving that can surround Amazon Ads and gives you a clear path forward to reaching readers in the world’s biggest bookstore.

Everyone has heard the advice to write a series, but Sara Rosett shows you how. Walking you through important considerations like what kind of series to write (yes, there’s more than one!), How To Write A Series also answers questions like how and when to create spin-offs and expand your storyworld, when to end a series, how to refresh one you are tired of, and creative ways to market the universe you have created.

In the ten years that Shea Macleod has been self-publishing, she has written dozens of books. Whether you are a plotter or a pantser, Writing Faster With Art Journaling reveals a fun method for producing lots and lots of books very quickly, but without sacrificing quality. Most importantly, Shea Macleod will show you how to have fun along the way too.

In Platform MasteryNick Thacker lends his expertise to one of the most important questions of all: how to build an effective author platform. Not just that, but why it’s so important and the ways you can take your platform to the next level. Tapping into his extensive experience building all sorts of websites, platforms, and a giant mailing list, Nick Thacker will teach you how to build a platform worthy of a bestseller.

Zoe York’s Romance Your Brand is essential reading for anyone who wants to explore the idea that marketing and branding isn’t just something you do – it should be baked into your books. This guide will be of special interest to anyone who writes romance or who wants to learn from the most cutting-edge genre in the book business.

My book, The Successful Author Mindset, tackles the wide array of mental challenges facing authors: overwhelm, comparisonitis, fear of failure, writer’s block – and many more.

Just go to before 4 June 2021 to get the ebooks at 99c / 99p each, and please share with any author friends you think would find these books useful. Happy reading!

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Author: Joanna Penn

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  • June 1, 2021