Kristen Arnett

“Something that keeps me going when I get stuck in my writing is getting the hell out of the house. I take walks, very late at night, around the lake that sits nearby. It’s quiet—just me and all the nocturnal animals, many mosquitoes, and my sweaty beer—and I’ll stroll and listen to the cicadas shriek. It’s good to look around at all that expansive beauty and wonder about the largeness of the planet: I’m such a small thing, just one of many creatures. After being on the Internet all day, or staring at a blank Word document, being out in the Florida evening helps my mind reacclimate. I come back carefully into my own head as I sit on a dock and stare out at the water, rippling wild in the moonlight. In order to work again, I need to be somewhere that reminds me that everything around me is big and beautiful and very much alive. I walk back home, full of the outside world, full of something I hope to bring to the page.”
—Kristen Arnett, author of Mostly Dead Things (Tin House Books, 2019)

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Maria Jones
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  • June 6, 2019