Janet Silver of Aevitas

Remember that every conversation with an agent or editor should start with talking about the work itself. Listen carefully: Is the agent attuned to your vision of the book and your creative goals? Does the agent offer editorial insight that makes sense to you? Does your conversation inspire you, make you confident that this person really “gets” this book? Here is where the connection begins, with an easy rapport based on a shared sensibility. If this is there from the outset, it’s likely to be a wonderful, lasting relationship that will carry into the future. You can trust that your agent will match you with the editor and publisher who are just right for you, who will share your vision for bringing your project into the world. And here is how you will know it is the perfect match: Your first conversation with the editor will begin right where it began with your agent, with a good long talk all about your book, with an immediate connection, with confidence that you are making a great choice. 

Janet Silver of Aevitas Creative Management

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Author: squong

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  • January 12, 2021