Hey, Writers! You Don't Have to Get Up on Stage for Improv to Boost Your Creativity

In this interview, I talked with Jorjeana Marie, actor, narrator, stand-up comedian, and the author of “Improv for Writers.”

We talked about:

  • What is improv?
  • How can improv help writers? (And no, you don’t actually have to get up on stage.)
  • What is the “yes, and” concept?
  • What is the role of commitment in improv and writing?
  • How can meditation help your writing?

And then we played some short games from her book so you can get an idea of how it works.

You can listen to the entire interview by clicking the player above or by finding the Grammar Girl podcast on any podcasting app, but if you prefer to read it, we also have a complete (rough) transcript.

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  • December 9, 2019