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As a writer, the act of writing matters, of course, as does reading, but they are hardly the only things that matter. In the process of creating a world or trying to capture the world on the page, it is easy to forget the simple, material reality of the people and the communities around us. These days, we speak often of mutual aid, whatever that might look like for everyone and their individual abilities. At the very least, sometimes the best act of service we can do for ourselves, as writers and readers, is to remind ourselves of the plurality and ongoingness of human existence—even within our own self-contained universes—and then go and share in it. The writers I enjoy reading the most, regardless of genre, subject, or form, write with empathy and an acuteness that I believe must come from living generously. 

So if you’re reading this, my advice for you is: Stop looking at your screen. Open a window, drink some water, check in with your loved ones, and go outside.  

Clare Mao of Europa Content

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Author: squong

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  • December 15, 2020