Check Out the NaNoWriMo Writing Bundle

This month, I’m participating with Humble Bundle in a special book promotion themed around National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo).

Here’s how it works.

I’m offering my five most popular writing guides (listed below) in a bundle that also includes nine books from other authors. You can choose from three different bundle sizes, each including a different number of books.

The entire bundle of sixteen books asks for a minimum donation of $18. The smallest bundle of two books is just $1.

You can decide if you want to offer more. Five percent of the purchase price will be donated to the non-profit organization behind NaNoWriMo, which has inspired and aided so many writers over the years.

My books in the bundle:

  • Outlining Your Novel
  • Structuring Your Novel
  • Creating Character Arcs
  • Writing Your Story’s Theme
  • Outlining Your Novel Workbook

Books by other authors:

  • Wonderbook: The Writer’s Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction
  • Writing Sci-Fi and Fantasy
  • Writing Action
  • Writing Humor
  • Writing Character
  • Writing Dialogue
  • Writing Memoir
  • The Truth About Writing
  • Stay Inspired: Finding Motivation for Your Creative Work
  • Living Color: Painting, Writing, and the Bones of Seeing
  • Do It For Yourself

If you’ve been thinking about grabbing some of my books, this is a great opportunity to also send a little support toward NaNoWriMo, as an important cornerstone of our writing community. Click here to find out more.

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Author: K.M. Weiland | @KMWeiland

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  • November 7, 2022