Book Marketing: Mastering Amazon Data To Sell More Books With Alex Newton From K-Lytics

In this detailed webinar replay, Alex Newton from K-lytics presents on how you can use Amazon data to sell more books. 

Watch the video below or here on YouTube:

In this webinar replay, you will find the following: (timestamped for your convenience!)

0:15:00 Context: Tolkien about the strange times we are in
0:01:26 Who is Alex Newton?
0:03:00 What market data can do for you even if you hate maths
0:04:41 How hidden market forces influence success or failure
0:06:53 Traditional publishers’ numbers for e-books, print, and audio
0:08:20 Alternative view: Amazon Kindle before and up to COVID-19
0:11:29 Do Amazon’s ranking algorithms favor Kindle Unlimited?
0:13:42 How Kindle Unlimited shares vary by genre
0:14:22 How the e-book supply relates to money
0:15:12 Highest-selling book genres
0:16:05 Indie authors’ performance vs. Amazon Imprints and Big Five
0:17:08 Format evolution across major book genres 2017-2020
0:19:45 Kindle, e-books, paperback, hardback, and audio in fiction
0:20:20 Audiobook sales rank by genre (Amazon Audible & Originals)
0:23:41 How to improve the odds in a crowded book market
0:27:17 Amazon data essentials – the basics you should not miss
0:29:23 Book product pages: How sales ranks can be deceptive
0:30:40 Amazon Best Sellers Rank plain & simply (best explanation)
0:33:06 Why momentary observations can lead you astray
0:33:53 Advanced Amazon search operators few people know about
0:36:16 Why Amazon categories (genres) matter
0:37:20 For geeks: Amazon book metadata and search engines
0:38:04 The secret behind the orange bestseller badges
0:39:15 Step 1: How your author goals relate to your genre choice
0:40:25 Step 2: Finding high-selling genres in 2020
0:42:24 Step 3: Minimizing competition
0:44:50 Case Example: Romance market map
0:45:08 Trend watch: Clean romance vs. Erotica
0:46:21 Case Example: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense
0:46:50 Trend watch: Psychological thrillers, cozy mysteries
0:48:07 Case Example: Science Fiction & Fantasy
0:48:59 Step 4: Small categories for easier ranking
0:49:33 Step 5: More than two categories for broad exposure
0:50:55 Step 6: Book categories with the best topical fit
0:52:30 How to go beyond categories: Virtual Bestseller Lists
0:54:30 Numbers vs. Taste: top-selling cover art exposed
0:55:05 What it takes to make “write-to-market” work
0:56:40 What K-lytics has to offer: Take the tour
1:02:00 K-lytics special offer
1:04:48 Question & Answer Session Start
1:13:41 K-lytics PREMIUM vs. ELITE Membership comparison
1:16:24 Contact information, wrap-up, and close

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Author: Joanna Penn

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  • May 7, 2020